The Team

Tim D.
Site designer, Image coordinator
Sports Stadium Cards
Dawn N.
Sorter, Image coordinator
Chelsey A.
Image coordinator, Showcase manager
Kristen G.
Sorter, Image coordinator


Abbreviation Legend

A guide to understanding all abbreviations assigned to cards within the database.

AU  Autograph
CL  Checklist
ERR  Card contains one or more Errors
JSY  Card contains material from player Jersey
MEM  Card contains Memorabilia (ie: Glove, puck etc.)
RC  Rookie Card
SP  Short Print; a shorter print run than other cards in the same set.
STK  Card contains a piece of Stick.
TC  Team Checklist













How frequent are updates?

There is no specified time frame for any updates or new additions to the database. We take pride in how we showcase the images and ensure the quality of this project is as perfect as we can make it prior to adding and activating new sets. At such point, you will notice a red goal light beside the set name and all cards new to the site within 7 days.

Could members contribute to the database?

For the time being we regret to inform any and all whose willing to contribute that there are no openings.

What is the My Want List?
The My Want List feature enables members of the site to add single cards or entire sets to keep track of cards they need or want for their personal collection. It's sole purpose is to keep track of cards you may need to complete any incomplete sets you may have. Clicking the blue icon below any image will add the card to your list! (Note: We do not backup and can not undo any changes you make to your list.)

Can I use the images on the site?
We do not suggest you use our images for any purpose outside of the HCDB Online website. For that reason each full resolution image is watermarked.

Can I buy cards from HCDB Online?
Although no cards are "for sale" in the Showcase itself, you can however browse the Shop for any or all cards we have available for sale. All proceeds are put towards keeping the site active.

How do I create a login for the website?
Does my login have to be an email address?
Why do I receive an error message when I attempt to login?
I forgot my username or password. What should I do?
Can I update the address or other information on my profile?
What are points used for? (Puck Bucks? Puck Points?)
How do I earn points?

How do I know how many points I have?

I’ve noticed an error on one of the card images. How can I report it?
You can report any information or error to us by clicking the red exclamation icon below the image.

Why are some of the images not available?
A project of this magnitude takes time. A large majority of the database comes through our team; meaning we do not rely on 3rd party websites and unlike other sites; that will go unmentioned, we do not rely on our members to do the work for us. We work with some card shops and collectors therefore some cards, sets or subsets may be in our possession or in queue to be added. Once updated the 'image not available' image will be replaced with the proper card image.

Can I make a donation to your site?

Although that would be nice and appreciated we do not have a donation section. However, the best way to donate is to purchase something through our shop. It helps us keep our hosting active and you also can get something for yourself in return. Win/Win.

Where do you get your images from?
A large percentage of our images come from a personal collection. We also purchase collections and work with some card shops. And a special thanks to the late The Icebox Cards & Collectibles for 8 years of contributions. And more recently, Stadium Sports Cards!

Why are cards & sets without an image(s) still listed?
Gathering images for a project of this magnitude takes time especially with cards with a much lower print run or much more scarce. It would be ignorant for us to believe we will gain every card image of every card ever made - but that doesn't stop us from trying! So, even though there are some cards and subsets that display 'Image Not Available', the card within the set is still cataloged and will be replaced accordingly if and when they can be.